Dance For All Abilities

Ages 5-9 (Junior)  and 10+ (Teen). A dance class specifically tailored for individuals with disabilities. Program goals such as motor coordination, social engagement, and self-expression will be targeted through the exploration of movement in a safe and structured environment. Scholarships available. 

Baby/Budding Ballerinas
Ages 3-4 (Baby) and 5-6 (Budding). Our young ballerinas learn the basics of this beautiful art form in a fun and creative environment. 

​3-4 Creative Combo
Ages 3-4. Our young dancers learn basic skills in ballet, jazz, and tap through creative movement, games, and imagery. 

​5-6 Creative Combo
Ages 5-6. Our dancers build on the skills learned in the previous class. We begin to place more emphasis on technical elements, but always leave time for some fun and games!

Hip Hop & Play
Ages 5-6. Learn some funky moves with the help of props and games.

​7+ Combo Classes
Ages 7 and up. Dancers in this class work on tap and jazz skills while developing technical exercises and dance combinations. Ballet is no longer included, so we encourage our dancers to register for a separate ballet class.

Hip Hop
Ages 7 and up. This is a super fun and high energy class that incorporates all the newest and coolest dance moves!

Ages 7 and up. Ballet is considered the foundation of all other forms of dance. This structured class takes our students through the exercises required to develop strength, control, and grace. Due to its importance, all competition dancers are required to participate in a ballet class. 

Senior Dancer, Lizzie Krogh

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