2020 Options

In Person with Option to Zoom

Dancers attend class at the studio as usual. If a student is unable to attend a class in person for any reason they can join via Zoom!

Zoom with Option to Join in Person

Dancers begin the year attending class via Zoom but we will save them a spot so they can start attending in person anytime they want!

​Zoom Only

Dancers attend all classes via Zoom only. These dancers will not be saved a physical spot in the class so are not eligible to join in person or participate in the recital. Because of this they do not need to pay the costume deposit and we are offering a 25% discount on monthly tuition!

Wait Lists

We have several classes that are already full! If you go to register and a class is full please join the wait list as we will be adding new classes as needed! All dancers on a wait list are invited to join the class via Zoom (with a 25% tuition discount) until a spot opens up for them! Once they are given a permanent spot in class full tuition will start to be charged.